and so it begins

the farm under a blanket of snow

the farm under a blanket of snow, march 2014

the 2014 farming season began more like an idea back in the fall of 2013, or maybe even earlier in the hearts and minds of those who work the soil and those who eat what comes out of it. in any case, the growing season begins in earnest at the end of april, at least in these parts, when the snow melts, the ground can be worked again (if it’s not too wet), apprentices show up looking for work and free veggies, and everything gets green again.


the farm, a few months later 2014

this grass is greener

this grass is greener

the first month on the farm (since i started at the end of april) has involved a lot of preparation for the coming months, including a 300-share CSA program and a high-volume farmers’ market. you can’t harvest and sell without preparing and planting first, so the majority of our work has been setting up caterpillar tunnels, prepping the soil, “potting up” seedlings, planting seedlings and seeds, becoming familiar with implements and getting to know each other.

lunch during the first week

lunch during the first week

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